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4 reasons to invest in SEO in Cyprus

Cyprus is a market teeming with SEO opportunities, making it a prime location for businesses looking to expand their online presence. With a population of nearly 900,000, there’s a significant search volume on Google for numerous commercial keywords, presenting a wealth of potential for companies across various industries.

#1 Low competition

One of the standout advantages of SEO in Cyprus is the relatively low competition for most commercial keywords. 

This means that businesses can achieve high rankings with minimal to moderate SEO efforts. 

It’s an ideal environment for companies to establish a strong online presence without the intense competition seen in larger markets.

#2 National reach

Cyprus’s compact size is another strategic advantage.

Despite being based in a specific city, like Paphos, businesses can effectively target the entire national market on Google.

For instance, a law firm can attract clients from across the island by optimizing for general queries such as “lawyer Cyprus.”.

This national reach is a unique benefit, enabling businesses to expand their clientele beyond their immediate geographic location.

#3 High search volume across services

No matter the industry, there’s a high likelihood that potential customers are actively searching for related products and services on Google.

From massage therapists to real estate agents, tool shops to law firms, Cypriots frequently use search engines to find what they need.

This broad search behavior offers a substantial opportunity for businesses to capture qualified leads.

#4 High ROI potential

Investing in SEO in Cyprus offers a compelling return on investment.

The combination of good search volume and low competition creates an environment where businesses can achieve significant visibility and engagement with relatively lower costs.

Given the island’s size, businesses can effectively attain national reach and maximize their marketing efforts.

International SEO in Cyprus

Cyprus is home to multinational companies with headquarters on the island but operations extending globally. These companies can benefit from our local presence in Cyprus and international reach.

Industries headquartered din Cyprus

Industries such as FOREX and iGaming have headquartered in Cyprus and are mainly operating abroad.

Companies in these sectors can significantly benefit from a local SEO partner.

Having a local point of contact and leveraging the expertise of an international SEO agency is crucial for tackling complex SEO campaigns across multiple markets.

That’s our position at elevate. Being based in Paphos allows us to meet face to face, while offering the capabilities and experience to run international SEO campaigns.

Local and International Expertise

By partnering with an SEO agency based in Cyprus, multinational companies can ensure seamless communication and coordination.

Local presence means face-to-face meetings and a deeper understanding of the local market nuances, while the international dimension of the agency ensures robust SEO strategies that perform well across various regions.

Why Partner with an SEO Agency in Cyprus?

Local Point of Contact

Being based in Paphos, we offer the advantage of direct, face-to-face interactions, providing a deeper and more personalized understanding of your acquisition needs.

This is a distinct benefit over coordinating with a team in a different time zone via Zoom.

International team

Our team comprises SEO experts with experience in various international markets.

We speak English, Greek, and French, ensuring we can effectively communicate and execute SEO strategies tailored to diverse regions.

This multilingual capability allows us to run successful campaigns abroad, enhancing your global reach.

In-Depth Local Market Knowledge

For businesses targeting the Cypriot market exclusively, our deep understanding of the local SEO markets ensures that we can deliver optimal results.

We know what works locally and can tailor your SEO campaign to effectively capture the audience living in Cyprus, both Greek and English-speaking.

The 3 pillars of our SEO agency

Our 3-pillar approach focuses on creating and ranking a network of landing pages for keywords that truly bring in clients.

#1 Foundation

Create content on existing pages to rank on Google for targeted keywords

#2 Growth

Create content on new pages to rank for untapped keywords

#3 Authority

 Ensure other sites mention you to increase your Google authority

Frequently Asked Questions

Rank your site on the top 3 results of Google for your "money keywords", aka the search terms that have a high search volume and high purchase intent.

Clients can expect to x2 their inbound leads. We even have cases where we x4 the leads volume. 

The timing varies greatly depending on the competition and your budget. Although we ranked clients within days, the majority ranks between 3-6 months.

You can request a consultation for your SEO project by filling out the contact form. Upon the analysis of your project, we will get back to you within 2-3 business days.

When the contract is signed and the automatic payments are in place, we start with our SEO consultancy: we analyze every aspect of your business (market, competitors, conversion rate, LTV, site speed, etc.).

Within the first 2 weeks, we present to you the SEO strategy. Upon your sign-off, we deploy our SEO services.

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