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Project your SEO traffic

We show you how many sales, leads, and visits your website can achieve with an SEO campaign

How many leads can your site generate each month with an SEO campaign?

…This is what I’m going to show you during this 30-minute call:

#1 – Projecting your SEO traffic​

We apply 4 growth models to measure the impact of an SEO campaign on your web traffic, leads and sales

#2 – Projecting your Return on Investment

We analyze your Return on Investment by taking into account your conversion rate and costs associated with an SEO campaign

#3 - Presentation of our 4 SEO “Sprints”

How elevate, our agency, completes the necessary work in just 1-2 months instead of the 6-12 months offered by most SEO agencies

With SEO “Sprints”, you significantly increase your organic traffic:

…Imagine the impact 26,000 visits to your website would have on your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO “Sprint”?​

An SEO “Sprint” is an intense, brief, and focused effort that addresses each pillar of our SEO system. Instead of spending months delivering projects such as keyword research, technical SEO audit, or content writing, we “Sprint” deliverables within 1 to 2 months.

No recurring SEO contract?​

Correct. Each “Sprint” is carried out independently. We enter, we carry out the necessary “Sprints”, and we exit. However, most of our clients request that we carry out several “Sprints” throughout the year. For example, content creation “Sprints” are done 2-3 times per year to ensure enough content is created.

How does pricing work?​

You only pay for the SEO “Sprints” that we carry out. No monthly fixed costs that last for years.

About elevate

Maria Kemitzi
Co-founder and Head of Operations

Marc-Antoine Thiriat
Founder and Head of Maketing

“General engineer turned marketer, for 10 years I supported major brands in the development of their online sales (Ralph Lauren, Frédériques Constant, Alpina Watches, etc.). 

In 2021, I created elevate, an SEO agency that supports businesses in increasing their online traffic, acquiring prospects, and customers. 

I introduced the elevate method which is based on 4 SEO “Sprints”, allowing any business to be visible on the Google results page. Book a slot with me to learn how the elevate method can impact your online lead acquisition.”

Marc-Antoine Thiriat, founder of elevate